Start an Internet Business or Get Your Business Online

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start an online businessWant to start an internet business or get your small business online? Learn how to build an online presence using a customer centric strategy!

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a small business owner wanting to go online you have come to the right place. You’re going to get advice on creating a business website that works.

Unlike most online resources, this site is not about making money online. This is a resource for building and running a serious online business through attracting prospects and securing a steady stream of buyers. Here you’ll also get tips for separating the most valuable customers from the rest and putting them in the heart of your business processes.

Okay, ready to learn how to start an internet business or get a small business online? Let’s start…

Register for the Internet Business Updates and Download the Report

The Internet Business Updates is a newsletter that walks you through the process of starting and growing an online business. It works together with this website in term of helping focus on your goals and encouraging you to take action. Registering for the newsletter is the first step to take. It’s easy. Simply enter your name and email in the box below, and press the button.

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Once registered you can also download a periodically updated report, “How to Start an Internet Business and Build Loyal Customers”. Discovering the right market niche, building a customer centric business website and developing customer relationships are some of the stuff you’ll get from the report.
There are three resources for learning how to start an internet business or get your business online: this webpage, the report and email newsletters. I recommend you to follow the steps on this webpage, study the report and read the email newsletters. These are all information you’ll need to really take actions.

6 Surefire Steps to Start an Internet Business

The beauty of running an online business is the low start-up capital. However, there is no guarantee that it will be easier than setting up a “brick and mortar” one. For this reason, a proven step-by-step guide is necessary for guiding your overall efforts.

Here is the summary of each step:

  1. Pick the customer centric business model. No matter what business strategy you choose for winning customers apply this business model as the method of doing business right from the start.
  2. Brainstorm business ideas. If you’re starting an online business try a business idea that is natural to your career path. For example, a finance related market is good for you if you’re working in a financial service industry. If you want to get your business online think about whether to go with your current product lines or create new ones.
  3. Build a business website. You want to create a business website that addresses the needs of your target audience. By starting a customer-focused website you send signals to your potential customers that you’ve got unique solutions they are looking for.
  4. Promote your website. Understand where your target audience go online and create advertising campaigns that let them know your online presence. Whether they are on search engines, ad networks or on social media make sure they find lots of your webpages and your offerings.
  5. Build relationships with prospects and customers. Be it online or offline, trust is the foundation for nurturing and keeping lifetime customers. You can build professional friendships with your clients and win their trust using website content, newsletter and social connections.
  6. Measure your website conversions. Track your goals with a tracking tool such as Google analytics. The web analytics data allows you to learn about what visitors are doing on your website. You can use that knowledge to experiment with different elements for improving your conversions.

Those are 6 steps guide on how to start an internet business or get a business online. To make them doable, below is a list of resources for each step. Just use them when you want to go deeper about a concept. Or, you may also want to return to this page to grasp its linkage with another step.

The time you’ll need for completing the business process may take weeks or months. But if you are serious about your project you’ll have fun down the road while you start an internet business or get your business online.

Now let’s start with the First Step…

Craft a Business Strategy

Your main job as a business owner is to make daily decisions. Without a strategy your only focus is short-term goals. On the other hand, a strategy can bridge long-term goals and your daily actions. It can also help you direct your company and keep up communications with your team. In short, a strategy lets you make the right decisions and check if you have achieved your goals.

For that reason, if you haven’t written a business plan, it’s time create a simple one. This will include what company you want to have in 5 years, with measurable goals and a plan of action for achieving the goals. If you have already written a plan for your offline business make sure it includes how your online presence contribute to the overall performance.

Here are the resources that will teach you about business models and branding:

Internet Business Models
Learn top 3 internet business models you can build a business around. The revenue models allows you to create a low-risk and profitable business.

Small Business Branding
Small business owners are not familiar with branding. They believe that branding is for major corporations. But is that true? Get tips on how to brand your online venture.

Generate Business Ideas

If you plan to start an internet business take a look at the industry you’re entering. A natural path to this is go with the industry you’re now in and start the business from home. This is the easiest way to spot problems or opportunities for developing business ideas.

Let’s say you are in a retail business and you are familiar with the commerce aspect of your current employer. Consider starting up an e-commerce website that sells physical goods. The first option is to keep stocks and ship them directly to your customers. Alternatively, you only manage sales activities and let a drop-shipping partner handles other tasks.

Build a Business Website

Whether you want to start an internet business or creating an online channel for your existing business you will need to make a business website that works. You can do that through deciding on your target market and optimize its size. And develop  your ideal customer profile so you can qualify your prospects and they understand what you have to offer them.

One of the ways people find your website is when they type in keywords on search engines and your website shows up on the first page of the search results. For that reason, you want to know keywords used by your target audience and their search intents. This is the key to building a website that works.

These are resources for building a customer centric business website:

Small Business Website Hosting
When you start an internet business or get your small business online you will need a fully functional website. To make the site works make sure to choose a reputable business website hosting service. Before you buy a web hosting plan learn how to pick a good one.

Small Business Website Design
Your website is your online sales tool. Get some tips to help you design a customer centric website that works for your small business.

Customer Centric Website Content Writing Tips
A good-looking website is useless if it doesn’t attract targeted traffic. Visitors only come to your website if you have great, one-of-a-kind content that address their concerns and entertaining as well. Creating content based on understanding of their search intents is the thing you want to do.

Building an e-Commerce Website That Works
Your website is both a storefront and a place where visitors learn about your products and your company. But it’s useless if it doesn’t bring any business. So learn how to build an e-commerce site that drives targeted visitors and converts them into buyers.

Online Turnkey Website Packages
Don’t want or don’t have time to build your own business website? Learn whether a turnkey website is right for starting a web-based business.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

This is the fourth step of the tutorial on how to start an internet business. You have learned about creating a website that is attractive to search engines. To make it visible to your prospects you want to give good reasons why the pages deserve the high rankings on search engines.

There is no better way than providing good content using a unique angle catering the needs of your prospects. With a careful research you can write an article or make a video that solves a problem faced by your prospects and customers.

Getting links from reputable sites related to your market or industry is one way to send signals to search engines. Once the search engines pay attentions to your web pages it can naturally reach your target audience.

The resources below explain how to drive traffic to your business website…

Targeted Website Traffic
Targeted website traffic is visitors that want in what you have to offer. Discover ways to attract online visitors and increase web traffic.

Website Link Building
Is website link building still good for search engine optimization? Fact is building quality inbound-links is the best way to get targeted web traffic.

Internet Viral Marketing Campaign
Internet viral marketing is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your business website. Learn these online viral marketing examples for creating your own campaign.

Build Relationships with Your Visitors

Building relationships with your website visitors are the fifth step in starting a web-based business. Relationship building is your key to qualifying business prospects. It lessens the impacts of impersonal situation, where you can’t meet your customers in person. It can help turn those visitors into prospects and even convert them into lifetime customers.

One way to create a relationship with visitors is via newsletter. If you have a lot of useful articles on your website chances are your visitors want to subscribe to your newsletter. Subscriber who stay subscribing after receiving several emails are qualified business prospects. You can create a long-term relationship with them by sending free, high quality stuff.

You can also reach your prospects via social networks or social media. A business page on Facebook and on Google Plus are a good place to connect with your target audience. Twitter is another social community for sharing information and giving advice by following relevant businesses and getting followers.

Here some resources you can use for building business relationships:

Customer Relationship Marketing
Customer relationships are the main activities of a customer-centric company. For the purpose you want to build business relationships with your prospects and turn them into lifetime customers.

Email Newsletter Marketing Campaign
Email newsletters are the best form of permission email campaigns. Learn how to use email campaigns to build relationships with prospects and customers.

Social Network Marketing
Discover how social networks work for your business. There are tips for reaching your target audience using social media.

Small Business CRM
Small business CRM is an automation tool for improving customer retention. If you have reached the stage where you have a large number of customers this is an indispensable business app.

Optimize Your Website Conversion Rate

Optimizing your website conversion is another key to your online success. By increasing conversion rate you can boost your revenue and invest the extra funds for getting more web traffic. If you’re doing it right the extra visitors will convert to new customers, allowing you to get more repeat business.

Managing website conversion starts with the goal of your business website. These are a product purchase or an email newsletter sign-up or any others types of transactions. You want to decide what conversion to measure and the relevant conversion rate for measuring the effectiveness of your website in achieving the goal.

Once you set the goal of your website find out the average conversion rate for your industry. A 4.20 conversion rate for first time visitors — a benchmark index from Fireclick — is a good figure to start with. Although that figure may vary across industries it’s a good starting point for your conversion rate goal.

Learn more about how to improve your website conversion rate…

Website Conversion Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization
Website conversion marketing is all campaigns for converting visitors into buyers. If only a very small percentage of the incoming traffic buy your products you want to find out why they aren’t converting and then look for opportunities to fix it.

What to Do Next?

Make sure you bookmark this tutorial so anytime you need a reference for learning about how to start an internet business or get your small business online it’s easily accessible. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Internet Business Updates and get a Free Report.
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