Kickofflabs website builder

5 Small Business Website Builder Reviews

An easy-to-use, do-it-yourself small business website builder is what many busy entrepreneurs, who don’t have the budget for hiring a pro, are looking for. Unfortunately, there are so many online website builders claiming they serve small business owners. Are they really website creators for small business? What are the characteristics of a good small business […]

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steps to starting an internet business the customer centric way

Top 12 Steps to Starting an Internet Business the Customer Centric Way

Looking for simple steps to starting an internet business? The presentation shows you the steps for getting your small business online with the customer centric strategy. Just view the slideshow to learn how customer centricity enables you to gain a competitive edge and improve your profitability. Want to learn the steps to starting an internet […]

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small business problems of sales

Top 6 Small Business Problems and Solutions

Small business problems are the daily menu of an entrepreneur. As a business owner you must keep a focus on revenue and profitability and, at the same time, handle the obstacles that come to you. Fortunately, you don’t need to act on each of the challenges. It’s possible to prioritize the issues based on the […]

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customer centric business

5 Steps to Building a Customer Centric Business

A customer centric business focuses on customer experience as a differentiation strategy. The customer centric strategy can deliver strategic and economic value to a business. The main reason is it’s difficult copy by competitors without changing the way they do business. If you’re interested in applying this competitive strategy for your business learn how to […]

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best web hosting for small business

The Best Website Hosting for Small Business

Looking for the best website hosting for small business? Look no further. You’ll get detailed tips for choosing the best web host, starting from goal setting to sorting out your options in order to come up with a few choices. You’ll need this guide because finding and picking the best website hosting for your small business […]

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bizXpress forum

SBI for WP Or BizXpress Plugin Review

SBI for WP is the new name of BizXpress, a WordPress plugin. The plugin provides all functionality of the web business services of It’s the extension of their core services, the SBI!, but catered for WordPress users. It looks like to me that Ken Evoy, the owner, is trying to reach online communities who are familiar with […]

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