How to Build a WordPress Website

build a wordpress websiteWant to build a WordPress website? If you’ve never build a website in your life WordPress can help create a business website in very short time. The only thing you need to pay for is web hosting, which you can get at less than $10 per month. Just install the WordPress in your hosting account and within literally minutes you can customize your brand new site!

WordPress is open source software that allows you to set up a professional-looking website on your own domain. It’s completely free and easy to learn so a beginner can build a website using WordPress platform in less than a week. If you want more information on WordPress go to to find all kinds of documentation on how the software works as well as many add-ons that support it.

Why Choose WordPress for Building Websites?

Once you determine what you want to accomplish with your website, you may want to choose your website building software. You can use website design software like DreamWeaver, which might take you some time to learn and build your first website. Using pre-design templates that are customizable the program can get your website up pretty quickly.

However, content management system like WordPress is even easier and faster for setting up a business website. You can find a template or theme and customize it to fit your needs. There are also add-ons or plugins that will give your site more functionality, such as search engine optimization, squeeze pages, commenting functions and many more.

Whether you want to hire someone else to design and build a WordPress website for you there are a lot of people that can be hired to help you. Alternatively, if you just want to do it yourself there are also many people you can ask for help.

You will not be dependent on your website designer as you can easily change things on your own. Once your site is designed and built, you can easily update content on any page of your site without knowing any code at all. You can even hire someone like a Virtual Assistant to perform certain tasks on your WordPress site.

6 Easy Steps to Build a WordPress Website

1. Finding a host for your WordPress website. I’m going to recommend Hostgator to help build a wordpress website. There are hundreds out there but this is the one I have used for years and their hosting and customer service is excellent. Once you’ve got your host you need to install WordPress using Fantastico or another available installation software.

2. Setting up a static homepage. The homepage of a blog is always changing but you don’t want that kind of set up. You want a website with a static homepage so you need to change the “Reading setting” to a “static page”.

build a webspress websitebuild a webspress website

3. Choosing and installing your theme. A theme is what sets the layout of your website. You don’t need to spend forever choosing a great theme because you can always switch later. Once you’ve chosen you’re theme you’ll need to upload and install it. To do that just log into your WordPress dashboard and then click ‘Add New Theme’ under the ‘Appearance’ tab on the left sidebar.

wordpress appearance settings
install themes on wordpress

4. Customizing your theme. Almost everyone who installs a WordPress theme will want to customize some parts of the theme. Many themes will come with settings that allow you to customize the header as well as the sidebar, the footer and the colors. You don’t need to have any previous coding or design experience.

5. Adding plugins. WordPress is open source software that opens for editing and additions. These add-ons are often called plugins and you have to choose some that suit your needs. To install a plugin just click the ‘Add New’ link under ‘Plugins’ from the left side menu and choose how you want to add a plugin, then make sure you click ‘Activate Plugin’ to activate the plugin.

add new plugins on wordpressinstall plugins on wordpress

6. Adding great content. Once you’ve got your website up and running it’s a must for you to add great content that attracts and keeps visitors on your site. Depending on what you want to use your website for, always provide high-quality information that serves the purpose and that separates you from other website serving the same target audience.

Those are tips to get your website going today! Simply set your goals, stick to them and you’ll start to see your efforts pay off as you build a WordPress website that people love to come back to again and again. You may also want to check out bizXpress if you want to go even further in utilizing WordPress as a business building platform.

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