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Steps to starting an internet business are like one for an offline business. It starts with a great idea.

To come up with good ideas, you’ll have to take a look at some of the options:

1. Sell digital goods. Digital products may start from a simple report to a comprehensive online course. The e-book may only offer how-to tips. But the online training can provide a comprehensive tutorial.

2. Sell physical goods. Physical products are handmade crafts or wholesale products. You can handle the sales processes yourself. Or you take an order and your dropship partner handles the fulfillment for you.

3. Sell services. Marketing and accounting are two examples of professional services. And carpet cleaning and hair salon are two forms of consumer-based services.

If you own an existing business, get it online. Just create an online presence and reach more prospects. You’ll get more orders or even build relationships with prospects who visit your website.

steps to starting an internet business the customer centric way

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top 3 steps to starting an internet business

Top 3 Steps to Starting an Internet Business

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