Online Video Marketing Campaigns

Online video marketing is becoming an effective advertising method. Many people prefer to consume information by watching a video rather than by reading pages of information. This is the reason why videotaping yourself can make you seem more personable and approachable. Your message is more compelling because your viewers hear your tone and see your expression.

Internet video marketing is also very affordable and a cost-effective way to market your website. You will be able to easily use an inexpensive web camera or small video recorder to record your videos.

7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Video Advertising

1. Always remember your primary goal. When you’re creating your first videos, there are a lot of different things to learn and experiment with. However, always remember that first and foremost, your video is intended to promote your business. It should inspire viewers to visit your site and convert your visitors into paying customers.

2. Keep your video a reasonable length. Around two minutes is generally about right. That is how long it should take you to say something that it takes the average person ten minutes to read.

3. Promote your video on Twitter and Facebook. When your video is ready to share, publish your link on Twitter and on Facebook. Invite your followers and friends to watch your video and respond. Give them an incentive to watch by posting a teaser of what they’ll learn when they watch.

4. Track your results. There are tracking tools that can tell you how much of your video was played before the viewer closed it. You can also find out how many of your prospects decided to visit you after watching your video on a different website. Take advantage of these tools to measure your success and make necessary changes to your video marketing campaign.

5. Give your videos relevant file names. When you save your video, give it a meaningful name that is relevant to the content and interesting to your viewers. It is more likely to be viewed if the title is applicable to what your prospect is looking for.

6. Submit your video to video hosting sites. You can attract more prospects by submitting your video to other sites. YouTube is the most popular video hosting site right now. You can also submit it to Yahoo!Videos and GoogleVideos.

7. Add a call to action. At the end of your video, remind your prospect to visit your website or take another desired action. This is why you created the video in the first place – to motivate your viewer to take action.

Overall, online video marketing may be new, but it is here to stay. Following the above tips will help ensure that you experience the greatest possible success from your internet video advertising.

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