Hosted or Web Based CRM Software

Web based CRM software, also known as hosted or on demand CRM, is an online customer relationship management system hosted by the Application Service Provider (ASP) or the vendor of the application. The app is offered as an online service called as SaaS or Software as a Service.

In today’s tough market keeping the revenue flowing can be even tougher. One way to ensure you increase your revenue is to build customer loyalty.

Using online CRM software you can keep track of your customers and their needs before they actually make a purchase, during they are buying your products and after they become your customer.

Reasons to Choose Web Based CRM Software

A web based CRM solution is more a strategy than a technology.

In the hyper competitive market the needs to devising a solid marketing strategy for attracting new customers and maintaining a strong relationship with existing clients is of importance. This is where browser based CRM can help in improvising any marketing strategy.

Earlier CRM programs were designed for big businesses and based on on-premise, client-server architecture. These CRM applications, for example, do not provide the use of wireless devices to access it.

Today you can find hosted CRM software that overcome the shortcomings and combines the best practice of CRM for larger companies.

“Pay as you go” solutions don’t require up-front capital and high implementation costs as well. You don’t have to purchase and own the software as you can subscribe to the on demand CRM services by paying a monthly or annual subscription fee.

What’s more, the system can be deployed quickly and requires no complicated implementation processes.

Online CRM software is a cost effective and flexible solution for employers that have widely dispersed or work-from-home employees.

The software is installed on a central server but it can be accessed from any location. Its increasing popularity is indicative of the trust that people place in them.

Is Web Based CRM Software Right for You?

Are you wondering whether a web based CRM solution is right for your small business?

Fact is using the right small business CRM you can enhance your productivity, reduce customer management costs, and increase revenues. However, you have to assess your specific business requirements before choosing any hosted CRM system.

A web based contact manager is a good tool for implementing customer centric strategy. With that said, make sure that customer orientation is the culture of your company and that customer focused is your business strategy. If not, change them so all organization members consider the customer’s needs and wants as their biggest priorities.

Now, figure out your specific needs. Do you want the selling process to be more effective? Or, you simply want to serve your customers better?

The best web based CRM solution will allow you to customize their key features. You’ll be able to choose only the features needed, and not paying on extensive CRM packages with unused features.

If you want to get the hang of it just try free CRM software and only go with a paid one after you’re satisfied with the results.

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