Yahoo Answers for Promoting Your Website

Yahoo answers is one of many good sources of website traffic. When it comes to driving website traffic, Yahoo answers might be your answer. If you are on the lookout for creative ways to attract attention to your website it will add a new traffic generation tactic to your strategy.

What is Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo answers is essentially a forum where anyone can post questions and anyone can answer. Questions are posted on just about every topic imaginable from “how do I change the oil in my car,” to “what should I wear on my date tonight?” And of course the answers are just as broad.

To post a question or an answer on Yahoo Answers you must have a yahoo account, which is free and easy to obtain. And as a member of this forum you can earn points for the number of questions you answer and the quality of your answers because here’s the kicker, people can vote on your answer. And Best answer wins.

How Yahoo Answers Drives Traffic To Your Website

Yahoo answers questions and answers turn up quite frequently in the search engine results. In fact, search engines just love yahoo answers. This means your answers, which will include a link to your website, will also show up frequently and high in the search engine results. Instant traffic to your website, which is now viewed daily by hundreds or thousands of viewers each month.

Additionally, Yahoo Answers has a dedicated group of followers. According to Yahoo Answers “There are simply around 90+ million global users on Yahoo! Answers. This site got about 60 million users just after a year it first launched.”

Finally, when you post an answer on Yahoo! Answers, you’re generating an inbound link from a quality website, which means better page ranking for you.

How To Use Yahoo! Answers

1. Visit Yahoo! Answers and sign up with Yahoo. Create your profile and include links to your website in your profile along with any other relevant information.

2. Become a knowledge partner or you can simply start using Yahoo! Answers. Using the search bar, search for questions by keywords commonly used in your niche industry – keywords for questions you’ll have the answers to.

3. You’ll see a list of “resolved” questions and “open” questions. The open ones are still waiting for an answer that satisfies them. Answer the questions and when appropriate, include a link to your website.

Voila!  You’re all set. The more questions you answer the more awareness you’ll build for your business and the more traffic you’ll generate to your website.

When it comes to generating free, organic traffic Yahoo Answers is the answer. It generates that kind of traffic. So, use it and find out for yourself!

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