A great business website builder is all you for building and launching a business website that works.

Today there is no need to learn HTML and CSS codes in order to build a website. It’s easy to find site building tools for just everyone wanting to make a website.

Top website builders offer facilities that let you create a beautiful and fully functional webpage quickly. If you pick the best you can avoid all the headaches and spend more time for marketing.

But vast amount of options may also mean a headache when it comes to picking one that is best suited to your needs.

How do you know which business website builder is the best?

Before I answer the question let’s have a look at business website makers that are available in the market first.

3 Types of Business Website Builder Programs

There are three types of business website creators: online, offline, and content management system (CMS). Here are a few facts about all the website building programs:

1. Online website builders

Online website builders allow you to create a site over the Internet without having to install any software on your computer. They come in with website templates and unique features.

The service offerings start from free, with very limited options for customization, to those with e-commerce functionality for selling a few products.

2. Offline website creators

To build a website you will need to install a program on your computer and a (separate) FTP software to upload the site. Offline website creators offer more customization requested by professional web designers.

There are open source programs like Kompozer that are free to download. But you will need premium HTML editors such as Dreamweaver to get better features and personalized options to create a professional-looking website.

3. Content management system (CMS)

This software works by integrating content management and website building tool. Although you can still find desktop-installed software, web-based CMSes are more popular because they simplify software and content updating.

You can install open source software like WordPress to help you do all things from setting up a template and installing plugins to updating site content from your computer.

The second option, an offline site maker, isn’t right for your needs. You will want to have a look at the first and the third option and compare them to find out the best one for you. Let’s talk about the online business website builder first.

Online Business Website Builder Software

For small businesses that are just starting out, an online website builder like Onepager has advantages over other options. It’s fast to learn and easy to use. With an online website building service you can work everywhere you have an Internet connection.

With all the benefits let’s find out what you can expect from an online website creator and the cost of using such a service.

Most website maker sites come with a starter pricing plan of $8 per month. Some of the services offer free plan with limited feature set and some offer free trial versions for limited time.

Simply sign up with their free plan to play around with the builder to create your website. Within minutes you’ll know whether to continue going with the service or not without losing a lot time and all the work you’ve already put into your website.

I have tried different online website builders and Onepager is the easiest software for creating a beautiful website. If you have never built a website I recommend you to try Onepager for a short-term project for your online presence.

All you need to do is create an account, write about your business and offerings, choose a template and your website is done in minutes.

CMS Vs. Online Business Website Builder

Building a website with a solid content management system like WordPress can help you get qualified prospects for your business. But is CMS software right for your business needs? Read on to learn pros and cons of a CMS when compared to an online business website builder.

As implied from the name CMS like WordPress can offer more flexibility for managing content than online website builders. But more flexibility may also mean a steeper learning curve.

Using a professional template you can easily set up a good-looking site within hours. However, when you start customizing your site for specific functionality you will need to acquire technical skills or to hire a pro to do that task.

While you have to pay for a set rate for using services of an online business website builder, CMS software is free to download and install. But you have to pay for a yearly domain renewal and a monthly hosting rental.

Depending on your needs you will also need to pay for a high quality theme, premium plugins and other costs related to site design and development.

The Best Business Website Builder

There are two factors to consider when selecting the best website building tool: flexibility and cost. You will also need to check whether you want to sell your products or to interact with your audiences or both of them.

First, assess your technical background and your willingness to learn new skills for customizing your website. Do you want to spend some time learning the necessary skills, or hire a pro, for improving your site functionality? If the answer is yes then go with the WordPress CMS.

Next, check the total cost for both options based on your requirements. For example, you want to interact with your target audiences using blog and forum platforms. Just compare the total yearly cost for setting up those platforms with an online business website builder and with a WordPress CMS. Then pick a choice that you’re comfortable with.

So it will depend on your requirements. The more complex your requirements the more you want to go with an online website maker.

This is especially true if you want to set up an e-commerce website. Any online business website builder will dramatically cut the risk of a non-performing website caused by technical issues.

What to Do Next?

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