Email newsletters are a great marketing tool for small businesses. E-newsletters are one of many forms of email marketing campaign that is effective for maintaining communication and building stronger relationship with your target audience. Using ezines you’ll be able to generate loyal customers that will keep coming back to you for more.

For that reason, encourage your website visitors to subscribe to your e-mail newsletter. Provide a special offer or discount that is valid only for subscribers. This will motivate your subscribers to return to your website to make a purchase. And if satisfied, they may become a loyal customer and refer your offerings to their friends and family.

Content Of Your Email Newsletters

First, determine the topic of your e-zine. Choose a topic that you know and you can use to pre-sell your product or service. For example, if you sell herbal supplements then your newsletter could be all things related to herbal supplements. Then subscribe to several competitors’ enewsletters to see what they are providing their customers.

Create a short newsletter. Determine whether “how-to” or “tips” format is suitable for target audience. Make sure it is full of interesting information that naturally connects your readers with your product or service. To maintain the credibility of your newsletter try to make a clear separation between editorial content and advertisement.

Send your ezine on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Offer appealing incentives in the subject line of your emailed to encourage your subscriber to read your newsletter right away. If you have to promote your product or service, write to remind your subscribers that you have limited time offers, special discounts or extra bonuses.

Newsletter Publishing Software

Newsletter publishing software is all you need for sending your newsletter to your subscribers because it is impossible to send it one by one to the entire subscribers list.

There are different kinds of newsletter publishing programs. Some are installed on your PC or MAC. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and your PC it might take a few hours to send your newsletter to all subscribers.

There are also online publishing services that allow you to keep in contact with your readers using an email autoresponder. Because they use the server’s speed to send your newsletter it might take only a few minutes to do this.

Your email newsletters will be your one of the most important tools for maintaining communications and building stronger relationships with your customers. Without the tools you have no prospects and/or customers and without customers you have no business. So give your ezine the time and attention it deserves and it will reward you over an over again.