Internet classified ads are a form of online advertising that borrows the idea from newspaper classifieds. Online classified advertisements are becoming popular advertising option for marketers. It is cheaper or more cost-effective than other media as well as provides a larger consumer base than any other advertising method.

There are sites that offer free classified listings and that charge an amount for their services. Whether you want to promote your product or service or want to post classified ads for recruiting employees, these sites will help you with your need. Read on to find how the internet advertising works and how to write internet classified ads.

How Internet Classified Advertising Works

Online classified advertisements work by creating a marketplace of sellers and buyers. An example of an online classified listings service is Craigslist is a network of online communities, featuring free classified advertisements. Its main source of revenue is advertisements of paid job and brokerage from selling of property.

Advertising and registration on Craigslist is free. If you are in a property business you’ll be able to advertise your rental apartments through their free internet based classified ads. With your knowledge and creativity you can even target multitude of audience of varied renters who may have different wants, needs and interests.

Once you have posted your advertisement, the prospective renters will go through your ads and visit your site or directly contact you to inquire about your rental units. You will be able to go on posting and reposting your classified ads repeatedly for no price at all. But make sure that you research on their terms and conditions before using their services.

Writing Effective Internet Classified Ads

Writing internet based classified advertisements that attract the right target audience require some skills. The following methods can help you write an effective internet advertisement:

1. Create an attractive title. Make sure you write an attractive and compelling title. Your title should make your prospective clients want to go through your entire advertisement. People are not online to read your classified ads but if your title is eye-catching and appealing you can still have a chance to persuade them to read your ads.

2. Create a precise description. A good description will drive targeted prospects that are ready to buy your product or service. Write down a description that will intimidate the readers of your ads so they are bound to believe that they want your product. Entice them to visit your site with free trials and other business promotions.

3. Post your ads at the right place. Find out your targeted audience along with the online web sites they use before posting your advertisements. Post your advertisement at the right online classified sites. For example, if you sell toys then post your online classified advertising on parenting and children websites.

Once you have posted your internet classified ads track the response of your viewers towards the ads and monitor its conversion rate — the ratio of customers to total visitors. Try to vary the title and description until you are satisfied with the conversion rate.