Message board marketing is a proven strategy for promoting your website. Online discussion forums, dealing with topic related to your target market, are good places for building relationships with your potential customers. By posting messages to discussion boards or forums you can drive traffic to your website and build credibility as well.

Before you market your internet business on online discussion boards, however, understand how online forums work and what you can expect from your internet marketing efforts. Once you know what you can get you’ll be able to develop a discussion forum marketing strategy for your internet business.

How Online Forums Work

People are more skeptical when it comes to doing business on the internet. Some of the reasons for this are the impersonal nature of the internet and bad personal experiences due to internet scams. Discussion boards can offer solutions to the challenge of building trust online without having you to meet face-to-face with prospects and customers.

By joining a forum related to your industry, you gain access to an online community that may become your prospects. You can build reputation as an expert by posting messages containing specific knowledge and useful advice. People participating in the discussions forum know that you are a real person and are willing to accept some degree of accountability for your actions.

Many message boards allow you to include with your posts self-promotional “signatures” that link to your website. At first you gain an inbound link to your site. And once you’ve gained credibility, you will not have to promote your business because people in the community will click your link, visit your website and become paying customers.

Developing a Message Board Marketing Strategy

Not all forums are created equal. You’ll have to identify good online discussion boards related to products or services that you are selling. One way to locate these discussion forums is to perform a keyword search using Google. You’ll want to join forums that rank high on the search engine result pages (SERPs) for your main keyword phrases.

Once you have joined the discussion boards, spend enough time to visit these forums to post messages. Before jumping in and making a post, though, take a look around and see what other are posting about. Once you understand the forum’s atmosphere you can start participating and building relationships with new friends.

Add value to the forum. Always provide useful forum posts and do not post advertising in your message. Budget your time wisely to avoid spending a lot of time on reading and posting to forums. And track your traffic to see which message drives more leads and converts into sales.

You can add a signature along with a link to your website at the end of your messages. In addition to your signature, make sure you include your important keywords on the title and the content on every forum post that you make. This way will build inbound links and attract targeted traffic to your website.

So consider message board marketing as a part of your overall internet marketing campaigns. If you implement the things we have discussed above, you’ll be able to reap a lot of benefits from online message boards.