This is not a casual product review for SBI like what you may have found all over the internet. Since early 2003 I have been developing my major websites using SBI. I’m a living proof that SBI works… SiteBuildIt helped me quit my full time job in late 2005 and it has contributed to my online success too. So read this review thoroughly to develop a strong understanding of how SBI could impact you and your business.

Site Build It, SBI! or SiteBuildIt is a website building solution created by Ken Evoy and marketed through The product is a web hosting platform offered to small businesses that want to own a profitable internet business right from the start. The tool can simplify users’ jobs in creating an online presence without having to deal with technical aspects related to building a website.

Is SBI! a scam? Inc., the company who owns SiteBuildIt, is a BBB Accredited business since November 1997. It has a BBB Rating of A+ on a scale from A+ to F. The BBB processed a total of 0 (zero) complaints about this company in the last 36 months.

How Site Build It Works

SBI! offers different services that you won’t find in a conventional web host. In addition to a site development tool and a standard hosting service you can expect to get a content management system that provides process-and-software for building an online business within an SBI! package.

When you buy a Site Build It package you’ll be introduced to C-T-P-M (content-traffic-presell- monetize) concept. To generate revenue through a variety monetization models (M) you will need to develop excellent content (C) that attracts targeted visitors (T) who will then become presold (P) about you and your business.

There is the 10-day Action Guide that contains step-by step guides to help you implement the C-T-P-M concept. It comes with detailed written instructions and easy-to-follow web videos. The guide is all you need to focus on to avoid making fatal mistakes when building your site.

The first 5 days is the planning process, where you develop a plan for your small business. This includes finding a niche market that you know and love, identifying profitable topics via keyword research and laying out content blueprint for your site. There are also help for differentiating your offers from competitors and choosing a domain name.

The next 5 days is the actual site development, traffic generation and business building stages. It starts with developing a site using SBI! site-builder, generating search engine traffic and building strong relationships with your visitors. You will also be able to implement your monetization plan developed in day 4.


SBI! is one of few services that puts emphasis on planning. It helps you to plan a profitable business, before you jump into building your site. It also removes the technical barriers allowing you to keep your attention on building your business. As a beginner or a new webmaster, you are guided all the way until you succeed.

Ken Evoy of is the inventor of the “pre-selling” concept. As a small business entrepreneur, you do not have a brand name that is known and trusted. So you have to build that before you can monetize. And when it comes to learning and implementing the preselling concept Site Build It! provides all resources you may need.


As a package SBI costs you $299 for a yearly subscription or about $25 per month. This is more expensive than conventional website hosting services, especially if you don’t want all the features that are available. However you can always compare SBI with major web hosts to learn why it offers better overall values.

SiteBuildIt provides a great value for beginners that want to create simple website or e-store. It is not appropriate however, for those looking for a true eCommerce solution that requires large shopping carts and integrated gateways.

My Site Build It Experience

Here is my personal experience with SBI!. When starting out building my first website, early in 2003, I didn’t know anything about how to start an internet business. I had to spend sleepless nights following the SBI Action Guide. These include, but not limited to, choosing a target market, doing keyword research, registering a domain name, designing my website, developing content for the site, building backlinks and many more.

I managed to register a domain name and joined Google Adsense program 4 months after I had bought my first SBI package. A year later Google sent me a check of $531.32, this is the first check among other previous month checks that exceed $500 mark. Fast forward to less than two years later, in December 2005, I quit my full time job.

So, Site Build It works for me and these profitable SiteBuildIt websites can give you a lot more reasons why it will work for you too. Of course, you will also be able to find several bad or negative reviews about SiteBuildIt. Interestingly, most of the negative reviewers that I discovered via Google were previous SBI buyers that failed to achieve success with SBI or, at least, couldn’t recover their investment after using the product.

My Personal Recommendation

Who is SiteBuildIt suitable for? If you want to build your web business by yourself but have no web design and programming backgrounds then Site Build It is right for you. With the help of SBI you’ll be able to build a profitable online business by making a small business website and getting targeted web traffic to it.

Now, here’s my personal recommendation. Are you’re still on the fence about buying an SBI package? Contact to learn more about SBI! and ask as many questions as you like, including any money-back guarantee. If you’re ready to order an SBI package click here to get your Site Build It package.

“Simply choose to USE your personal strengths for finding your target audience and a niche market and you’ll achieve success with Site Build It.”