I know I still love the idea. In fact, I wanted to start an internet business from home more than a decade ago.

Here is my story – I worked for a company a few years ago. My last position with the company was a good one but as time went on, I started missing my family and friends I loved. So I started looking at another career option.

I really wanted to have a perfect career that I enjoy doing …and support my lifestyle as well. But the problem was there were not many options available… I could only find one: start an internet business and be an internet entrepreneur.

So I tried a lot of things to start an internet business – buying books, enrolling internet marketing courses, giving up all the time with family and friends…(I hate that!).

Good thing happened, I had the required online business knowledge. I knew how to build a website. Unfortunately, I never had time to start anything. I was buying into the next best course even before I had finished reading the book I previously bought.

Until I came across Site Build It! It’s a website builder or website building software created by Ken Evoy of SiteSell.

(Ken Evoy’s Site Build It!)

At first, I didn’t pay the online website builder much thought. I figured it was another one of those internet business scams that just doesn’t work.

That was until Allan Gardyne of AssociatePrograms.com tried it out! He had an employee built a website for him. Amazingly, in less than 4 months, it started making money and I was jealous!

So, I took the plunge, forked over the cash…

I was immediately impressed!

Here is one thing I learned inside:

Apparently there is a website building tool with an action guide that helps build my first business website!

Without getting into a funky coding lesson, apparently it guides an aspiring internet entrepreneur create a simple business plan and create a website that works.

So if you build your website by following the Action Guide, you’ll make money!

Here is the amazing thing, the tricks and tips in SiteBuildIt started working almost immediately! I followed all the steps of the Action Guide and made my first $62.45 month in less than 5 months!

(SiteBuildIt may do that to you…well, we hope!)

Needless to say I was impressed. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, however. I got major confused on two sections of the Action Guide and had to contact customer service.

And they were very friendly! They helped me through my confusion, and I got everything straightened out. They also directed me to the SiteSell forum so I was able to ask questions to the more experienced SiteBuildIt users.

So, I highly recommend Site Build It! to anyone aspiring to start an online business! My SBI review shows that it’s a must-have tool for creating a business website that works!

And right now they have a monthly payment option, so I recommend you go get the limited time offer while you can!

So, will Site Build It! work for you? If you can follow a basic direction, yes!

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Here is my personal note:

Don’t make the mistakes that I made. I kept chasing new shiny objects and didn’t take action on what I had learned. These two reasons were obstacles that kept me from taking action: there was too much work involved and I couldn’t make money quickly enough with that method.

If you haven’t found success with your efforts you need to stick with a product that has been recommended to you by someone you trust. Try it for a few months and don’t move on until you experience positive results with it. That way, you are willing to give all that you need to do to actually achieve success with your business.

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