Top CRM software is what small business owners need for their business if they want to properly manage relationships with their clients. The need for these Customer Relationship Management software continues to grow as businesses implement information systems and computer networks.

Hiring a programmer to design a CRM software can be costly but there are plenty of commercial and free CRM software available by different developers. It is important to pick the best CRM software so your business can take full advantage of all the features. A good web based CRM software should also be user friendly so all the people that are part of your business can easily make the transition to the new platform.

InfusionSoft – Pros and Cons

InfusionSoft is a great choice if you need a program that is capable of sending targeted emails. The program’s broadcasting and segmenting capabilities are stellar because you can really choose the people that receive your newsletter.

This means that you exclude certain email addresses they may have received your newsletter by another means. Because of its detailed customer record section, you can immediately find out when a contact opened the email. This makes InfusionSoft one of the best CRM software for broadcasting that respect.

InfusionSoft is also a powerful automation solution so it is quite comparable to some of the web-based CRM software out there. Follow up sequence tasks can be made so you can effectively use the software is a task reminder system via email.

Finally, InfusionSoft provides free technical support over the phone which is important for a software to be a leading CRM software .

The interface is one of the weaker aspects of InfusionSoft but it isn’t enough to dethrone it from its top CRM software rank because of the free support provided. InfusionSoft only has a pretty steep learning curve so you will really enjoy the benefits once you mastered the program. – Pros and Cons is classified as a web CRM software which is good because you do not have to install anything. It is also free up to 100 accounts making it an excellent CRM solution if you never used CRM software before.

What makes this solution amongst the top CRM software is the way guides you step by step when it comes to viewing the history of your customers and more. It is easy to attach faxes, quotes, and orders to stay organized.

One of the minor drawbacks of this CRM application is the 100 MB limit for attachments.

Compared to InfusionSoft, lacks features which is understandable for a free web CRM software. Fortunately, this CRM program has the potential of getting better as the developers continue to make improvements.

Conclusion of Top CRM Software

When it comes to investing top CRM software for small business, it is a good idea to try the free solutions first so you can find out if the basic features are good enough for your business’s needs. You can also examine the features of a commercial CRM software before trying to avoid risks.