Want to build a business website but don’t have the time? Consider getting help from “Sitesell Services.” Sitesell Services is a turnkey e-business solution for business persons who don’t have the time or don’t want to create a website themselves. Sitesell webmasters build turnkey websites for aspiring entrepreneurs and local or offline small business owners.

Why build a business website with Sitesell services and not a local web designer or web master? A well-trained Sitesell webmaster will build your business using Site Build It or SBI, a proven process and tools used by tens of thousands of people. Built from the ground up, you’ll get a truly professional site that will pull in targeted visitors.

How Sitesell Services Builds Your Turnkey Website

Before you build a business website a specialist from Sitesell.com will outline your site’s development procedure, including mutually agreeable goals, tasks and timelines. He or she will build for you the foundation and framework of a website that pleases both human visitors and the search engines.

Developing information about prospective clients who visit your site with an SBI specialist is the next step. This is the information about who they are and how they find you on the internet. Also, what you have to do to make them find you, instead of competitors, and how to give your visitors the solutions they are looking for.

Your consultant then performs a thorough keyword research based on your business theme. These are the types of words that potential customers enter at search engines. Once finished, he or she will then develop a site blueprint based on carefully selected keywords that potentially generate traffic from search engines like Google.

Using the chosen keywords and the information about your business the webmaster will recommend and register your domain name as well as design your site using one of the SBI templates. He or she will also create keyword-focus content pages and optimize your web pages to make them attractive to search engines for high rankings.

After your site is published you will have the opportunity to order additional packages. To help grow your site you can order ongoing, specialized advice payable on an hourly basis. Want to learn more about how it works? Read the stories of small business owners who have reaped the benefits of 10 years of SiteSell experience at Sitesell Services Case Studies.

Pros and Cons of Sitesell Services

Many turnkey website services may be beautifully designed sites but they do not build targeted visitors. Sitesell services provide turnkey web sites that produce results. Using the proven Site Build It system their webmasters can build high-traffic sites in a professional manner and at a relatively competitive price.

Learning to build a business website is not for everybody. It takes time and dedication that you may not have. If you prefer to do what you do best — run your business — then let Sitesell, SBI and a specialist, take care of your site for you. Your webmaster will take care of all the technical stuff, requiring a relatively limited amount of your time.

There are 10, 20 and 35 pages of core packages. But these packages are only for a starter. Your site is never finished. It requires ongoing effort. No matter what package you take you (or your staff) still have to add more content pages to your site. There will be costs for additional pages as well as an hourly charge for ongoing advice.

Is Sitesell Services Right for You?

The “Do-It-For-Me” approach is perfect for offline small-business owners who don’t have any hours to spare, the technical know-how, or the inclination to create a web presence for their business. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or one of those business owners? Before you make a decision take a look at your own situation first.

What is your situation: don’t have a business site, have an embarrassing site, or have a site with no visitors? What is your business philosophy: a long-term or the quick and flashy approach? If you are currently in one of the above situations and you have a long-term business philosophy then Sitesell Services is right for you.

I highly recommend Sitesell Services as they can help you build a business website that works. Your existing site is not working? They will be able to leverage your investment by building you a turnkey feeder site. Your new site will attract motivated, interested visitors from search engines and send the targeted traffic to your existing site.

What if your competitors are coming online in a serious way and you still do not have a web site that works? You have no choice. Let SiteSell Services helps you build a business website so you can defend your market position and save your business!