A common form of an online turnkey business is turnkey websites.

The term “turnkey” means all you need to do to open for business is turn the key. And a fully functional website is the main tool for starting and running an online business.

If you want a shortcut to owning an internet business you might think a turnkey website is the way to go. Is that true?

Before you’re looking for a turnkey online business website for sale find out whether they’re going to work for you.

Online Turnkey Business Website Packages

The two common packages offered are turnkey affiliate and dropship websites. These are two common internet business models that allow you to start a web business with very low start-up capital.

The standard package usually includes:

– a website template,
– a domain name,
– 1 year free hosting, and
– 24/7 support.

Because the standard package merely makes your website appears online the provider will also offer added services:

– custom order (for website customization), and
– website marketing (for generating traffic to your website).

The prices for turnkey website businesses vary widely. I have found some that offer a standard package for just above $100. But some others offer an e-commerce package that can cost you up to $1,000.

How an Online Turnkey Business Website Works

Let’s have a look at a standard package and what you have to do after you get one.

As you have seen from the above list you will get a “generic website” for your chosen market. Once you pick a domain name your provider will host the domain and your site will be up on the Internet within 3 days.

But that’s just the beginning. You will want to drive web traffic to your new site, either from a third-party provider or the turnkey website provider. No matter which traffic provider you go with you will have to spend money for traffic generation.

Let me say it once again: purchasing a turnkey website for your niche is just the beginning.

You will need to get a steady stream of traffic to your site to bring in your potential buyers. And only if your site design and content are great it can turn those prospects into customers.

Looking for Turnkey Websites That Make Money?

A turnkey website is easy and quick to set up. All you need to do is get the right website template plus a domain name and your provider will do the rest for you. And you can also get your provider to generate traffic to your website for a fee, if you want them to do so.

However, an online turnkey business website usually doesn’t work without significant customizations. Here are some of the reasons:

1. If you don’t customize your template and content chances are you won’t be able to get free search engine traffic.

2. Sure you can always buy traffic, but targeted traffic usually expensive. In fact, too dependent on paid traffic is a costly option.

In short, a turnkey website may look like helping you to cut a lot of corners in starting an online business. But I don’t think it’s a business model that works. Even after you have customized your site design and content there is no guarantee that it will make any money.

An Online Turnkey Business Alternative

This is what the turnkey website providers often tell us.

We help people who wants a turnkey business but either lack the technical knowledge or the start-up funds to pay for a custom site. We give you turnkey websites that can get you up and running even with zero experience, and at a lower cost than a custom-built website.

I think that is an oversimplification.

In reality, a website is just a tool. If you buy a turnkey website you will have to customize it to make it look unique. But it still can’t guarantee to bring in any businesses. So, save your time and money by creating a business website from scratch.

If you either have no technical background or low to no start-up capital I would recommend you go with SBI! of SiteSell. Although SBI! is not an online turnkey business it allows you to make a custom-built website that works.

Learn how SBI! has helped me start a business here.


An online turnkey business website can help you set up an online presence. But it is not the right way to go as the success rate is low. If you’re just starting out and are looking to build a business website that works try SBI! now!