Targeted website traffic is web visitors who are interested in what your website is about. For example, people who are interested in buying contact lenses will find contact lens websites interesting.

Using a shooting target analogy, targeted website visitors are those in the inner circle of your target audience. They are tough to get but are easier to sell to.

To get such website traffic you’ll often have to go into a specific niche market you know inside-out. This approach can help you clearly define your ideal target customers and understand their needs as well. As a result you’ll be able to offer them the right products and related items.

Using the info you’ll be able to develop products and create content that address their problems. You can start attracting potential customers to visit your site with the right promotion methods.

Let’s touch the traffic from search engines first.

Attracting Targeted Website Traffic With SEO

To attract visitors from search engines you’ll have to optimize your site for Google and others: on pages and off pages.

For on pages optimization, create keyword-based web pages that answer their questions. Make sure the content of those pages created with properly selected keyword phrases.

You’ll want to incorporate the keywords in the title and description on those pages. Also, add these keywords in H1, other headline tags and in image descriptions.

Next, take a look at your off pages optimization. What you want to do to get targeted website traffic is to build inbound links to the web pages.

By building relevant inbound links to your site you send signal to search engines that your site has the most information on a particular subject to offer their online searchers. The more relevant backlinks you can get the more popular your site will be and the higher it will rank.

If the search engines like your web pages they will put yours at the top of keyword searches related to your site’s theme. This is one of the best ways to get the attention of target audience and to bring you the most targeted traffic.

Sources of Targeted Website Traffic

1. New, fresh content.

Just add information that your visitors want to know but have not heard yet and they will return to your site. Also, ask them to subscribe to your RSS feed so they can get notification of changes on your website from time to time.

2. Web directory submissions.

Submit your site to human edited directories. The editors of good directories will only accept quality sites. This type of backlink is not as effective as years ago so you want to focus on your submission to high quality, niche-specific directories.

3. Article directory submissions.

Writing and submitting articles to article directories are not as effective as years ago so you’ll want to be a guest writer to prominent websites in your niche in order to get targeted website traffic.

4. Newsletters.

Free email newsletter is a good tool for building relationship with visitors. If you write write topic related to your website on a regular interval they’ll visit your site via links you place on your newsletter.

5. Forum posting.

Relevant forums are good source of targeted website visitors. By participating in discussions or answering questions on forums or message board related to your topic you can get direct, targeted web traffic and relevant backlinks.

6. Press Releases.

A good press release will generate targeted website traffic who are interested in your subject and are looking for more information. It’ll also provide a relevant inbound link to your website, which is good for search engines.

7. E-zine ads.

You can buy targeted ezine advertising, advertisements from e-zines that have your target readership. Test them out to see the return on your investment. If successful, buy an extended run of ads but always remember to try to get reduced rates.

8. Classified ads.

Internet classified ads are another great place for promoting your site. There are classified ads services that offer free ads placement on their sites. You can advertise your products and services to people who are looking for your type of products or services.

9. Pay per click ads.

Visitors coming from pay per click ads is targeted website traffic because it comes from people who were actively looking for something and were attracted by your ad. If your site is able to inspire trust your visitors are going to buy your stuff.

10. Online videos.

Online video marketing is one of the best ways to provide prospects with information regarding your business. If you want to communicate what you have to offer in the shortest possible time video is the best medium to do so. A video promotion on Youtube can spell wonders for your marketing campaign.